As an active player in the information sector, BvDIM is naturally led to follow market trends with regards to technology, usage or marketing services.

Thanks to its culture of information and knowledge of the ICT sector, BvDIM guarantees an excellent understanding of the situation with regards to the technological aspects, the positioning of the players involved in the offer and the needs of the offer. Directly involved in following the Internet’s evolution (web solutions, language tools, marketing of products and Internet services), BvDIM is attentive to emerging technologies, whether proprietary or open source. It identifies the uses and good practices in order to integrate innovative solutions in enterprises.

BvDIM conducts strategic and prospective studies on technologies, practices and marketing of information at national and international levels, at the request of private companies, professional federations, and national or international authorities. They are not only quantitative but also qualitative studies that define international commercial strategies, strategic actions, communication plans, proposals or policy guidance aimed to support the sector’s development.

Examples of projects conducted by BvDIM

  • Guidance in crafting a strategic plan
  • Market study of language technology in Europe
  • Study on collaborative platform uses
  • Preliminary market study to redesign a website

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