BvDIM conducts organisational projects linked to the implementation of information systems in a company. It guides its clients in implementing collaborative web features, documentary portals and digital libraries. During these missions, the consultants at BvDIM define the impacts and challenges, whether they are induced by human, organisational, technical and economic factors.

Setting up information processes and tools is an entire project management. Communication for change is essential in order to facilitate the appropriation of new methods, terminologies of reference (categorisation, lexicon, monolingual and multilingual thesauri…) and associated good practices.

BvDIM helps its clients to create added value and to carry out management changes related to the implementation of ICT. This assistance usually involves implementing new processes that require assimilating a shared vision of the stakeholders.

Examples of projects conducted by BvDIM

  • Guidance in defining the requirements relating to document dematerialization
  • Definition of an electronic archiving solution for native electronic documents
  • Feasibility study for setting up a digital library
  • Feasibility study for putting a multilingual monitoring device into place in Europe

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